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You are here: Home > Customer Testimonials > BMW HID Kit & LED Bulb Review > BMW E90 335 - H11 6500k kit for the fogs & 6000k D1S bulbs for the lows
For more information regarding our Xtreme HID Lighting kits please view this link:

BMW E90 335  - Xtreme 6000k D1S Low beam bulb upgrade & Xtreme H11 6500k Fog light HID upgrade

I was able to get a set of these D1S 6000k bulbs from Steve at Xenondepot (new site is to try and and give a review.  The bulbs are made in Japan and are designed to be a plug+play upgrade for our vehicle.  I also upgraded my OEM fogs to HID with their Xtreme 6500k. I was a little worried that installing this kit will trigger a fault however Steve let me try out a new kit that that is designed specifically for CANBUS vehicles. NO ERROR CODE or flashing occurred! This kit works!
Here are some pics/review:
Xtreme 6000k D1S bulbs:
Installation was very easy and did not require ANY modifications to the vehicle.  The Xtreme 6000k D1S bulbs plugged right in! The color is pure white with just the slightest touch of blue/purple. They look much better than the stockers, which I think looks slightly yellow.
The thing that surprised me the most is the light output. When it comes to colour temperature, the higer in terms of  color/kelvin, the less output/lumens you get. These bulbs seem to be no exception but the loss here seems to be very, very minor. I've put 6000K ultinon bulbs in previous cars and the loss in output was much more noticeable than these. As I get older, I tend to stay away from mods that might compromise safety. I have no reservations on this mod as again, loss in ouput was negligible. In some aspect, I actually feel that the colour these bulbs emit help me see better at night as they light up the road with a slightly "more crisp" colour.

I'm very happy with these bulbs. They provide me with just the colour and brightness that I was looking for. If you're looking for higher K bulbs and do not want to compromise light output, these bulbs will do just that!

H11 6500k Xtreme HID Fog Light Upgrade:
To start off, I would like to say that I was very concerned about installing a kit in the fogs in fear of the dreaded CANBUS.  Steve let me try out a new kit that is specifically designed for these applications that will not trigger a fault. I was a little weary as I've read reviews where people tried "special kits" however still got the error code.  However, based on my past experience with XenonDepot and their reputation I decided to give it a try.  To sum it up in 2 words - IT WORKS!  No error messages, no flashing lights, Im happy. 
The kit comes with a special adaptor that is able to trick the CANBUS system into not throwing a code:
I have seen many kits that use similar looking components.  However, what I liked about this kit was that the casing was completely sealed and water tight.  This is important as the ballasts are mounted low where they will be exposed to water/moisture.  The ballasts themselves are completely sealed as well (epoxy sealed) which made me comfortable as well knowing that they are mounted low as well.  The rebased H11 bulbs plugged right into the stock fog light assembly with no modifications.  The ballasts pluggred right into the vehicle's OEM H11 fog light harness with a proper H11 mating connector.  There was no wire splicing/cutting required. Everything was literally plug+Play and water tight. Here is the result:

To end off, I would like to say thank you to Steve at XenonDepot.  I highly recommend this company for anyone that is looking for lighting upgrades.  Their products are not always the cheapest, but most imortantly you are getting quality products with after sales service/support.
Here are the links to the products I used:
Xtreme D1S 6000k bulbs:
H11 6500k HID Conversion kit:
CANBUS Fix (H11 option selected):
Note - All pictures were taken once the bulbs were fully warmed up.

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